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78 Hopedale Street - P.O. Box 7
Hopedale, Massachusetts 01747

Tel: 508-634-2203 ext. 212
Fax: 508-634-2200

Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners

James Morin, Chair
Robert Bird
Aldo Tarca

Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners
Minutes of December 9, 2010

The Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners met on December 9, 2010 in the Draper Room of the Town Hall.  Members present were Chairperson Morin and Commissioner Tarca.

Chairperson Morin made a motion to open the meeting at 7:00PM.

Chairperson Morin welcomed the Town Selectmen, Bob Burns and Mike Collins along with Town Coordinator, Gene Phillips.

Consent Items
Minutes of the October 14th meetingCommissioner Tarca made a motion to approve the minutes of October 14th and made unanimous by Chairperson Morin.

Minutes of the November 17th meeting – Commissioner Tarca made a motion to approve the minutes of November 17th and made unanimous by Chairperson Morin.

New Business
Letter of Resignation – Chairperson Morin stated that they received a letter of resignation from Bob Bird effective immediately.  Mr. Bird informed the Board that since he is no longer residing in Hopedale he had to resign.  Commissioner Tarca made a motion to accept Mr. Bird’s resignation which was made unanimous by Chairperson Morin.  Chairperson Morin wanted to wish Mr. Bird well.

Interested Candidate for Commissioner – Christine Burke came in front of the Board to show her interest in joining the Board.  Attorney Burke has previously served on the Water/Wastewater Board and also as a Board of Selectman.

Selectman Burns opened a joint session with the Water/Wastewater Commissioners to welcome Christine Burke to the Water/Wastewater Board.  Since there were no others interested in the position at the meeting, Selectman Burns made a motion to elect Christine Burke to the Board of Water/Wastewater until the May election.  This was made unanimous by the Boards.  The Selectman along with the Water/Wastewater Board welcomed Attorney Burke to the Board.

Water Tank Repairs – Tim stated they found 7 perfectly round holes cut into the tank along with some normal wear and tear.  Tim believes that when the phone company was putting the cell tower on the tank they placed something on the tank which caused the holes.  Tim received contact information of a company in Foxboro which he contacted and was quoted $2,400 to scrape, prime, paint and plug holes with nipples.  The Board was informed that the Town Coordinator agreed to pay half of this bill.

Sanitary Survey – DEP came in to conduct a sanitary survey.  Tim stated they would like us to add PH measurements to our monthly chemical addition reports along with weekly phosphate concentrations.  Other than that Tim stated the survey went well.

Water Bill Complaint – Tim stated we received a complaint from 18 Tillotson, Arthur Digioia, regarding his water consumption.  Tim had written a response to his complaint and wanted to get the Boards approval before mailing.  A partial payment has been received.  Tim’s feeling is whatever goes through meter is what we need to bill.  Tim informed Mr. Digioia that we can test the meter, but if nothing is found we will have to charge him $25 and he will be responsible for the bill.  If the meter proves to be damaged then his bill would then be estimated based on past usage. Chairperson Morin want residents to understand that their bills are higher due to the increase in miscellaneous charges.  Tim stated that he feels some residents don’t realize how much water an irrigation system uses.  Chairperson Morin did state that we can only go by what the meter reads.

Old Business
NuWater – Tim informed the Board that he received correspondence from NuWater earlier that day.  Tim gave a copy of the letter to the Board for their review.  Mr. Hickey and his attorney contacted our Town Counsel a few months ago.  They are now looking for what our expenses were.

Chairperson Morin informed Commissioner Burke that the contract stated we could recoup $1,300 per day past due date of completion, but are being told by Town Counsel that it is not enforceable.  Chairperson Morin feels Town Counsel should be dealing with this.  Per Tim Kopelman and Paige is to speak with NuWater and their attorneys and get back to him next week.

Tim asked the Board if they wanted to approve the additional invoices for Tata & Howard totaling $13,428.40 regarding the soda ash system.  Commissioner Tarca made a motion to approve payment to Tata & Howard in the amount of $13,428.40 to close out bills pertaining to the soda ash system, made unanimous by Chairperson Morin.

Water Treatment Plant - The Board was informed that the yard piping was complete and the building is now enclosed.  The filter is in the building and the grating is now being done.  Tim stated that the project is on schedule and moving along nicely.  Tim mentioned working on a slide show for the website showing the before, during and after of the plant.

Raw Water Line – Tim informed the Board that 3,400 feet of line has been replaced and has been tied in on both ends.  He explained $70,000 was budgeted and we came in $7,000 over budget and $3,000 in overtime.  We still had a significant savings.  Curb to curb paving still needs to be done which will cost approximately $70,000.  The $198,000 cost for a company to come in to replace the water line did not include paving so would have been an extra expense.

Sewer O&M Manuals – the original manuals were dated back to 2003-2004.  The updated manuals were finally submitted to DEP which were reviewed by Tim, Vinny and Ken along with Tata & Howard.  A few minor changes were made.  If Tim does not hear from DEP he will contact them.

Any Other Topics – none

Managers Update
Tim stated they worked on some street maintenance, cleaned out some lines on Progress St. and they were going to start cleaning the well field.  Chairperson Morin asked if the jet truck had been repaired and Tim stated it had been.  Chairperson Morin also asked about the Milford litigations and Tim stated nothing yet but would have something for the next meeting.  Also asked when the Mendon contract was up and Tim informed Chairperson Morin it was 2012.

Chairperson Morin stated he sent another letter to Gene Phillips, Town Coordinator on December 7th stating that he was still waiting for a letter from Town Counsel that the Board overstepped their boundaries regarding longevity pay.  Both Tim and Chairperson Morin would like to know exactly what authorization the Board has.

Commissioner Tarca made a motion to adjourn at 8:03 P.M. and made unanimous by Chairperson Morin.   

I attest to the best of my knowledge that this is a true and accurate recording of the minutes of December 9, 2010.

Timothy Watson, Manager