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Hopedale, Massachusetts 01747

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Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners

Robert Bird, Chair
James Morin
Aldo Tarca

Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners
Minutes of July 8, 2010

The Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners met on July 8, 2010 in the Draper Room of the Town Hall.  Members present were Chairperson James Morin and Commissioner Aldo Tarca.

Chairperson Morin made a motion to open the meeting at 7:00PM.

Consent Items
Minutes of the June 10th meeting – Commissioner Tarca made a motion to approve the minutes of June 10th, and made unanimous by Chairperson Morin.

Discussions & Correspondents
  • Jack O’Connell Tata & Howard – (Update on filtration plant and rock removal change order)  – Mr. O’Connell informed the Board that there was a substantial amount of ledge/rock on one side of the building.  The Contractors said they would remove at a cost of $125 per cubic yard.  Tata & Howard kept a close eye on the time and men used for this job.  Approximately 450 cubic yards of rock were removed, some easily with a hammer while some was hard granite.  Tata & Howard asked Winston Builders to submit their daily records to be reviewed by Tata & Howard’s on site engineer.  They agreed on an amount of $50,542.86.  Commissioner Tarca made a motion to allow change order to remove 450 cubic yards in the amount of $50,542.86 which was made unanimous by Chairperson Morin.
Mr. O’Connell addressed the fact that the contractor went to a different supplier, Hungerford & Terry.  Tata & Howard were OK with this change, but felt a pilot plant study would have to be done on site to filter the iron and manganese and the results submitted to DEP.  Tata & Howard has met with the contractors a couple of times to confirm that the equipment from Hungerford & Terry will work the same as the other.  Jack O’Connell stated that Hungerford & Terry has given them a letter stating they will meet specs and this will not cost the town any more money in operating expenses.  Mr. O’Connell informed the Board that Hungerford & Terry, out of New Jersey have been in business for over 100 years and are experts in the removal of iron and manganese.    Mr. O’Connell did state that our chemical (chlorine) costs will go up with either system.  Tim informed Mr. O’Connell and the Board that we still do not have a letter of acceptance from DEP.  The Board was informed that the plant was moving along nicely.  Jack O’Connell informed the Board that the Hungerford & Terry equipment fits in the same footprint of the building (green sand vs. laynox).  The Board was asked to sign the application for payment #7 to Winston Builders for $249,517.56 which does include change over #1 for the removal of rocks.

Chairperson Morin informed residents that since we buy a portion of our water from the Milford Water Company they have issued a daily 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. water ban.  Chairperson Morin also stated that since Mendon purchases water from Hopedale they must also abide.  He informed the residents to check the town’s website for updates.

Old Business/Correspondents
  • NuWater Letter – Tim informed the Board that a letter was sent from Kopelman & Paige regarding payment.  Jack O’Connell from Tata & Howard has called NuWater numerous times and still no response.  Chairperson Morin feels it should be in Kopelman & Paige’s hands.
  • Water Main Project – Tim informed the Board that all the materials were in and that they were going to start the connections the following day.  They were going to start the cut on Wednesday which is the slowest day at the Country Club.  Tim informed the Board that they had all summer to complete and the roads would always be open to the residents.
  • Personnel and meeting on July 1, 2010 – Tim informed the Board that he met with the Water Department and a policy on clothing was set.  Minutes of that meeting will be attached to these minutes.

Discussions & Correspondents - continued
  • Jack O’Connell & Hungerford & Terry (Filtration System) – Jack O’Connell asked the representatives from Hungerford & Terry to explain their product.  Handouts were given to the Board.  They stated they have worked with Tata & Howard numerous times and have a number of plants they are putting green sand in, Bellingham being one.  The Board was given contact names and phones numbers for references.
Hungerford & Terry stated that a lot of the testing had already been done.  They stated they will stand behind their product.  They stated they have a letter from DEP stating DEP approval.  Jack O’Connell from Tata & Howard stated that they feel it is conditional.  Tim stated that the Town of Hopedale is requiring a letter from DEP directly to the Town stating that the green sand was approved.

Chairperson Morin wants confirmation that operating expenses will not go up.  Hungerford & Terry stated that green sand will be the same cost or less.  There was discussion regarding tibidity and Hungerford & Terry feel that DEP stated that the tibidity is recommended not required.  Tim again stated that we could not approve green sand until the Town received a letter from DEP stating it was approved.

Hungerford & Terry recommended the first year or two to have a core sample taken.  They also stated they will do the actual on site training.  

Tim asked Jack O’Connell if he agreed that we need the letter from DEP before approving and Mr. O’Connell stated that he agreed.  Tim also asked Jack for their time spent on the rock issue and Jack stated that since they weren’t hands on their costs will be minimal.    

Commissioner Tarca asked Tim how his personnel meeting went.  Tim stated personnel were all straightened out and that he informed them that things need to change, no more games.
Commissioner Tarca made a motion to adjourn at 8:30 P.M., and made unanimous by Chairperson Morin.   

The Board signed the payables and commitments.

I attest to the best of my knowledge that this is a true and accurate recording of the minutes of July 8, 2010.

Timothy Watson, Manager