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78 Hopedale Street - P.O. Box 7
Hopedale, Massachusetts 01747

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Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners

Robert Bird, Chair
James Morin
Aldo Tarca

Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners
Minutes of May 13, 2010

The Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners met on May 13, 2010 in the Draper Room of the Town Hall.  Members present were Chairperson Bird, Commissioner James Morin and Commissioner Aldo Tarca.

Chairperson Bird made a motion to open the meeting at 7:00PM.

Chairperson Bird asked for a motion to reorganize the Board.  Commissioner Tarca made a motion to appoint Dr. Morin as Chairperson seconded by Chairperson Bird, the motion passed and all were in favor.  Dr. Morin is now Chairperson.

Consent Items
Minutes of the April 8th meeting – Commissioner Tarca made a motion to approve the minutes of April 8th, seconded by Commissioner Bird, with a few grammatical corrections and made unanimous by Chairperson Morin.

New Business
  • AT&T Agreement - Tim informed the Board that we need an encroachment permit with AT&T listing the Town of Hopedale.  Tim had Tata & Howard look at the contract with Winston Builders and found that Winston Builders would be held responsible.  AT&T has contract with town of Hopedale but Winston Builders would have to pay any damages to the Town of Hopedale.

  •  Greene Street Water Line – Tim informed the Board that he received pricing to fix the water line at a cost of 23 to 24 thousand dollars.  A trench box will cost about $2,500.  Tim informed them that he is working with Guerriere & Halnon in regards to the easement surrounding the Hopedale Country Club.  Tim is hoping to start cutting road for the water line sometime in June.  He is estimating this job costing approximately $40,000 in comparison to a quote of $160,000 from the contractor.
  • Filter Plant Test Results WWTP – Tim is starting to look at the filter system that was installed at the plant to assist in copper and phosphorous removal.  So far they are finding little difference between the beginning and ending process.
The Board was informed that the sewer chemical line has increased largely due to new rules and regulations from DEP.  The Board was also informed that the total copper is being caught while suspended copper is still filtering though.  Commissioner Bird feels that we may have to prove to DEP that we are trying everything we can to meet the new copper level requirements.   

Old Business
  • NuWater Letter – regarding the draft from Kopelman & Paige pertaining to the soda ash system, Chairperson Morin asked that it be skipped and discussed in executive session.
  • Moore Road – Tim informed the Board that Moore Road was up and running.  Out of the 3 broken pumps, 2 are up and running, while the third had a major leak but should be up and running next week.
  • Tank Repair – Tim informed the Board that he received a quote regarding the 7 holes in the tank and the rust spot from a local contractor.  The quote was for $2,800 to do these repairs.  Tim asked Gene Phillips, Town Coordinator, for some financial assistance in repairing the tank.  Tim was asking for approximately $2,000, which Mr. Phillips said he would discuss with the Finance Committee.  

The Board was informed that the Milford Water Company is requesting copies of all minutes from January 1999 through December 2005.  Commissioner Bird recommended that Tim discuss with our Attorney.  

Tim informed the Board that he will have debt numbers after Town Meeting.  He informed them that he should have a firm number at the June meeting.

The Board was informed that Milford Sewer reimbursed Astin’s Auto the $1,000 tie in fee that they paid to Hopedale.  Tim said that Milford Sewer would like for anyone in Hopedale wanting to tie in to Milford to go before the Hopedale Board and the Hopedale Board will then contact Milford Sewer.  If a Milford resident would like to tie in to Hopedale, they would go before Milford Sewer who would then contact Hopedale.

Managers Update

Tim spoke to the Board regarding DEP and the Pilot Test.  Tata & Howard feels this is neither an approval nor a denial.  Tim’s concern is that we did not go out to bid directly with the pump company.  Tim mentioned that if the chlorine levels are kept up we will be incurring additional costs.  Chairperson Morin asked Tim about the green sand and where it stands.  Tim informed him that Tata & Howard will be dealing with Winston Builders and DEP.  Commissioner Bird stated that Winston Builders cannot work for Tata & Howard and the Town of Hopedale at the same time.  Lastly, Tim stated he had an issue with a well down on Greene Street.  He stated D.L. Maher cleaned the well which was clogged with iron and manganese.   

Commissioner Bird made a motion to adjourn to executive session at 7:40 P.M., not to reconvene, seconded by Commissioner Tarca with Chairperson Morin making it unanimous.   

The Board signed the payables and commitments.

I attest to the best of my knowledge that this is a true and accurate recording of the minutes of May 13, 2010.

Timothy Watson, Manager