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Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners
Minutes of April 8, 2010

The Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners met on April 8, 2010 in the Draper Room of the Town Hall.  Members present were Chairperson Bird, Commissioner James Morin and Commissioner Aldo Tarca.

Chairperson Bird made a motion to open the meeting at 7:05PM.

Consent Items
  • Minutes of the January 14th and the March 11th meetings – Commissioner Tarca wanted to check on Meg Mcelroy’s property going from 3 meters to 1 meter before approving the January 14th minutes.  Tim informed the Board that Meg has been paying the 3 fees.  Tim stated that he has researched and found that all multi families of older construction have only one meter.  Tim informed Ms. Mcelroy that they will remove two of the three meters after her plumber completes the necessary work.  Commissioner Tarca approved the minutes of the January 14th meeting, made unanimous by Commissioner Morin.
Commissioner Morin approved the March 11th minutes and made unanimous by Chairperson Bird with one minor correction.

Old Business
  • NuWater Letter - Tim informed the Board that the attorney is working on the letter for NuWater and that it will come forwarded to the Town for approval first.  Commissioner Morin wanted to confirm that the letter will not go to NuWater before our approval, which Tim confirmed.
  • New Source Update – Tim informed the Board that the floor at the new plant had been poured earlier in the day and the walls should be going up shortly.  Tim also informed the Board that he met with the contractors regarding color.  He was informed that the rough textured exterior walls would eventually stain black after about a year.  Tim felt as though this application was not practical due to the staining and informed the engineers that a block or stone front at windowsill height should be incorporated into the design in place of the textured panels.  
  • John Schreiber – Tim informed the Board that John had come in to see him but he was not in the office.  John did call to let Tim know he dropped off his doctor’s note.  Tim stated that all he has is a do not return to work notice, therefore the return to work date is currently unknown.

New Business
  • Water and Sewer Departments Rain Damage – The Board was informed about all the damage caused by the recent flooding.  Within the water department, the Moore Road booster station flooded.  Due to a recent town-wide phone system change that was not suppose to take place at the pump station (but did) and controls the site’s alarm system, failed to notify on-call personnel of a high water alarm.  The flooding at the station was so severe that it destroyed all three motors and the master meter at the site.  The station is currently being bypassed while the new equipment is on order.  Replacement costs are approximately $12,000 for all motors, controls and electrical work.  Additionally, the WWTP also experienced major flooding in the dry side of the influent building.  The cause is believed to be a back flow from the wet well through the sump pumps.  Repair costs at the plant are estimated to be $10,500.  Chairperson Bird asked what the process was regarding getting FEMA relief?  Tim stated that the fire department is submitting on behalf of the Town and that process would provide FEMA with a detailed list of damages and costs for replacement.  Tim informed the Board that he is spending money out of his budgets to cover these expenses and will have to watch the budgets closely over the next few months to insure sufficient funding.
  • Budgets FY2011 Sewer Department Chemical Line – The Board was updated regarding the recent changes to the sewer department’s chemical line.  With new use of chemicals being used at the plant for the removal of copper from the waste water, and year round chemical addition compared to the prior 7 months a year of chemical usage, the current funding for this line is $30,000 short.  With these new usage requirements, Tim funded the chemical line at $84,000.  This will cover all chemicals costs, testing, and lab equipment needed throughout the year.  Tim also recommended that the Board vote to transfer $20,000 from the department’s retained earnings to the chemical line for this fiscal year as this new unbudgeted chemical has been being used since the completion of the upgrades, leaving the account in a deficit.  Chairperson Bird asked if we go out to bid for chemicals in which Tim responded that this is our practice each July.  Commissioner Morin made a motion to transfer $20,000 from retained earnings, seconded by Commissioner Tarca and made unanimous by Chairperson Bird.  
  • SRF Funding – Tim received a letter from Tata & Howard stating that if we decide to go with SRF funding we would have to stop all activity and project costs could go up as much as $30,000.  Tim stated that he was going to call DEP to speak with someone regarding SRF funding to verify the information given by Tata & Howard is accurate.  Chairperson Bird feels we should stay on the current path.  Commissioner Morin feels Tata & Howard is pushing the envelope.  Chairperson Bird feels that if we have an issue with timing and the receiving of documentation with Tata & Howard we should write them a letter and state our concerns.
  • Water Tank Issues – Tim is getting quotes to have seven holes on the Williams Street water tanks repaired.  When Tim has these companies out here to look at the holes he will also get an idea of the cost of sandblasting and painting the tank as well as testing the current paint for lead content.
  • Backflow Letter – Tim informed the Board that a letter will be included with the April billing.  Commissioner Morin would like the letter to state that we will still charge for testing.  Chairperson Bird feels we should be a little more specific regarding deactivation.  Tim noted he will make the necessary changes prior to sending out the notice.

Commissioner Morin made a motion to adjourn to executive session to discuss the Milford Lawsuit at 7:55 P.M., not to reconvene, seconded by Commissioner Tarca with Chairperson Bird making it unanimous.   

The Board signed the payables and commitments.

I attest to the best of my knowledge that this is a true and accurate recording of the minutes of April 8, 2010.

Timothy Watson, Manager