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Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners
Minutes of March 11, 2010

The Hopedale Board of Water & Sewer Commissioners met on March 11, 2010 in the Draper Room of the Town Hall.  Members present were Commissioner James Morin and Chairperson Bird.  

Chairperson Bird made a motion to open the meeting at 7:00PM.

Consent Items
  • Minutes of the January 14th and the February 11th meetings – Commissioner Morin made a motion to postpone the approval of the January 14th minutes.  Chairperson Bird was not present at the January meeting and Commissioner Tarca is not present for this meeting, made unanimous by Commissioner Morin.  Commissioner Morin made a motion to approve the minutes of February 11, 2010 which was made unanimous by Chairperson Bird.

Old Business
  • Water Treatment Plant – Tim informed the Board that Winston Builders encountered ledge when working on the new treatment plant. Before proceeding he is waiting for a price to remove the material.  Tim mentioned that there was a large pile of stone on site that the contractors were looking for additional funds.  Tim stated that he and his staff removed these stones themselves, saving the town substantial funds.  
  • NuWater – Tim informed the Board that the soda ash system has been fixed and he has the invoice which he forwarded to Kopelman & Paige.  Attorney Doneski suggested we send NuWater a letter informing them of our additional costs associated with project delays and corrective actions preformed by the Town to complete the project.  The Board agreed to have counsel send a letter to the contractor. Tim will keep them informed.
  • Budgets – This will be postponed until Mr. Tarca is present.  Tim informed the Board that the Greene Street wells need to be cleaned and he is debating whether to do the work before July or wait until next fiscal year.

  • Water Management Permit – Tim informed the Board that we do not need a mandatory 9 to 5 drought advisory unless dictated by DEP and river monitoring.  Tim also informed the Board that a meeting will be held in Grafton on the 17th in regard to the water management permit.

Manager’s Update

Tim informed the Board that time has been spent at the well field and the plant is coming along nicely.  Tim reported that it was Dave Dowden’s idea to rent the equipment to remove the stone for a significant savings.  The Board thanked Dave for his help in saving the Town money and for filling in while John Schreiber is out.  Tim informed the Board that Dave has done the sampling and performed other responsibilities since John has been out.  Commissioner Morin asked that while John Schreiber is out, if we could bump Dave up to the Foreman’s position and give him John’s rate of pay?  Commissioner Morin made a motion to raise Dave to temporary foreman in John’s absence and bump him to John’s rate of pay which was seconded by Chairperson Bird.  A letter of commendation is to be written to put in Dave’s personnel file.

Tim stated that Vinny DeMeo has requested to carry over 5 vacation days.  Commissioner Morin made a motion to allow Vinny DeMeo to carry over 5 vacation days.  Tim asked Sandra Holland to go over our needed revenue worksheet to cover our expenses.  Tim then discussed 20 Oakwood Avenue with the Board and how it had been a zero read for years and now that we’ve switched the meter we have an extremely large read to invoice them for.  The Board would like us to send the owner the bill at the new rate for the entire invoice and have him call us.  Commissioner Morin asked Tim to mail a letter regarding backflow prevention.  Tim said he would have the letter for the Board at their next meeting for their review.

Commissioner Morin made a motion to adjourn at 7:40 P.M., with Chairperson Bird making it unanimous.   

The Board signed the payables and commitments.

I attest to the best of my knowledge that this is a true and accurate recording of the minutes of March 11, 2010.

Timothy Watson, Manager